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Spanish 2 Absent Student Reports
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Spanish 1 Test Review for Nov. 2 test

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U to UE Stem changers
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Spanish 2 Timed writing Prompts
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  Spanish 1 Sheep Shepherd Unit Test
Spanish 1 Semester 1 Test

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Spanish 2 dictionary 2015-16
Countries and Capitals power point
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Body Parts
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Quarter 1 continued
Quarter 2
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Charo y Lee CH 1-1
AR Verbs quiz
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Patricia Va A California Quiz
Quarter 4 Vocabulary
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Spanish 2 Ch 9 Tener Expressions
Spanish 2  CH 6 Chores

Spanish 2 Reflexive Verbs Flashcards
Spanish 2 Past tense unit flashcards
Spanish 2 Jeopardy Somewhat Irreg Preterite
Spanish 2 Jeopardy Completely Irreg Preterite

Superman Pret. vs Imp.

Grito de Delores

Edutopia- Mexico Independence Day

  Direct and Indirect object pronouns
Ser vs. Estar Wkst #4
Family Test Review
O to UE Stem Changer Practice
Pasatiempos Review
Foods unit test Review
E to IE Stem Changer Practice
IR Verbs Practice Test
ER Verbs Practice Test 
AR Verbs Practice Quiz

Pobre Ana Glossary
Patricia Va A California Glossary
Jeopardy Pasatiempos
Jeopardy Family
Jeopardy O to UE stem changers
O to UE Practice quiz

La Vida Loca Interactive videos

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